A cookie story.

A cookie story.

Nomoo Cookie Company is a small team of passionate folks who believe that a cookie can be vegan, dairy-free and delicious. We bake gourmet quality, vegan and dairy-free cookies certified kosher at our facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania – a culture-rich community as authentic as the ingredients we use.

The idea of Nomoo started with our founder, David Bader, making cookies for his friends and family. Many of his friends loved his chocolate cookies (which contained dairy), but since they kept kosher, they often couldn’t enjoy them as dessert. David knew the lack of high quality kosher desserts in stores provided few other options.

David shared this frustration with his colleague, Gretchen Dossa. It just so happened that Gretchen’s daughter had a severe milk allergy and Gretchen had spent years learning to cook dairy free. Gretchen often relied on foods certified kosher to complement her home cooking.

David’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he knew there was something to be done with the notion of dairy free, kosher desserts. And then it came to him:

“Everyone loves cookies.”

And that was the beginning of Nomoo Cookie Company. David and Gretchen assembled a team of long-time friends and creative thinkers. We had dozens of great ideas – but no commercial baking experience. That didn’t stop us.  We relied on our sense of adventure and belief in each other as we researched, learned, experimented and, eventually, created the best cookies any of us have ever tasted.