National Dessert Month - Just as sweet for the dairy free.

Posted on October 01, 2014

October is National Dessert Month.

The Internet is about to explode with more ways to satisfy even the most eager sweet tooth. The majority of these recipes won’t consider those eating a dairy free diet – but you deserve some sweet goodness!

We’ve been in your shoes. The majority of our recipes were created in a home kitchen before we started mass production. Some of the suggestions we offer below (like milk substitutes) come from our bakers’ experience, but aren’t necessarily used in our cookies.

Tips from the Nomoo Cookie Company bakers:


Fats, such as butter, act as tenderizers and moisteners. Dairy free margarines formulated for baking can generally perform the same and be equally exchanged for the same amount of butter. At Nomoo Cookie Company, we like Earth Balance for so many reasons. It’s free of dairy, trans fats, preservatives, soy, artificial flavors and is non-hydrogenated and non-GMO. Our customers say they don’t miss the dairy.

Liquid vegetable oils like coconut, canola, and olive are options, depending upon the use. Oils are not usually recommended for flaky pie crusts, puff pastries, or other recipes requiring chilled butter, lard or shortening. However, some baked crust recipes prefer oils because they are resistant to soaking up wet, juicy fillings.

Similar to using dairy, some recipes may require trial and error. For example, you may need to consider adjusting other liquids. The temperature at which you process your dessert may also influence whether you use margarine, liquid oil, or shortening.


As when substituting for butter, the fat content of milk affects tenderness and moisture. Coconut milk has the highest fat and can be used quite nicely in the same amount as dairy. Unsweetened almond or soy milks are other good options for a richer taste. You can also use rice milk, but be aware that it has a thinner consistency and may produce a lighter end result.


The good news is that chocolate, in its pure form, is dairy free. Dairy is added to some chocolate during the commercial manufacturing process. As a home cook, you still have lots of opportunity to make and enjoy decadent desserts using dairy free chocolates.

Cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs are dairy free. Cocoa butter is especially good to use as a milk substitute for thinning chocolate if you are making dipped candies, cookies, or glaze.

At Nomoo Cookie Company, our chocolate of choice is the wonderful Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate, which contains sugar, cocoa butter and natural vanilla flavor. Callebaut provides a nice balance of sweetness and chocolaty bitterness for those wanting a deeper flavor that is intense, but not overwhelming.

We’d love to hear about your recipes or answer your questions. Email us or post on our Facebook wall.

Enjoy your dairy free National Dessert Month!


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